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Wiglet Hatchery
Guess what! We had geolocated characters before Pokemon Go! Explore the wacky world of wiglet genetics, and distribute them throughout the world.
A miniature ballet performed by thousands of colored dots.
Peck Peck's Garden
Ingredients: Bird, Seeds, Flowers, and Poop. This is a mini-ecology game that kids love (duh, it has poop). Peck Peck is birdishily life-like, and she looks at you.
Gene Pool
A classic artificial life simulation that has attracted casual gamers and scholars since the 90's. The genetic basis of swimbots inspired the wiglets of Wiggle Planet.

In this video, Jeffrey Ventrella explains Wiggle Planet

Wiggle Planet in a browser!

Wiglets are now living on the web! Check out this prototype of Peck Peck's Garden running in the browser. It was created by Brian Dodd (Alternative Life Forms) using an extensive game engine that brings creatures to life in AR, VR, Unity, Mac, Windows...and now, the web.

More apps

Peck Peck's Journey
This app was made to accompany our unique book that was funded from our successful Kickstart campaign. Wiglets act out a nonverbal story - and jump right off the page! Original music by Robbie Elfman
Flip Flop Dance Jam
Join these dancers as they bop, flop, and tumble to the grooves. Choose between four Jumby-Jumpin' original tunes. Strangely original and funny.
Peck Peck's Perch
Purchase a unique T-shirt with a pattern on the shoulder (flowers or poop) from the Wiggle Planet store. Download the app and take a selfie with Peck Peck on your shoulder!
Peanut Boy and the Hole of Danger
An augmented reality parlor trick...with a strange character

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