Greetings from the Planet that Wiggles!

We develop self-animated characters for biodiversity education using augmented reality.

Uh, What?

two petsFour years ago, Jeffrey Ventrella adapted his core technology for genetics-based animated characters to develop apps for entertaining science education, using augmented reality. This technology has been evolving since Jeffrey was at the MIT Media Lab in the 90’s.

While traditional animated characters are expensive to make and deeply rooted in a linear medium production model, our characters are self-animated. They are endlessly novel (using AI and physics) and they offer millions of variations, due to genetic inheritance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.36.42 PMThey are also geolocated (currently there are over 1900 – and growing – in a database). They are fully-data-driven. This critical aspect makes these characters an ideal vehicle for people to connect to place and time. They can be found, bred with each other, placed into new locations, and exchanged freely. We are currently developing a feature allowing information associated with their locations and the people involved to accumulate in the database, thus allowing a social networking aspect to the experience.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.41.41 PMWiglets will eventually be used as as location-aware tour guides, as well as virtual pets for extended gaming adventures. A year ago, we funded the creation of an augmented reality book via Kickstarter to demonstrate how these characters can be used as “actors” in picture books. They can also be spawned from other kinds of merchandise, such as t-shirts.

We are developing an alternative kind of augmented reality experience, centered on cooperative gameplay and biodiversity education, with lots of laughs along the way.

We have seven apps available on the Apple Store and one on Google Play. We are currently seeking funding and help with developing our technology to take it to the next stage. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

Our Apps Are Free!!!

Wiglet Hatchery

Guess what! We had geolocated characters before Pokemon Go! The Wiglet Hatchery is an experimental playground for exploring the wacky world of wiglet genetics, and distributing them throughout the world using the geolocation capabilities of your iPad or iPhone.


Peck Pecks Journey

Watch amazing self-animated creatures come to life and magically leap from the pages of a unique picture book (available at ).


Peck Peck’s Perch

This unique app features a magical bird (Peck Peck) who sits perched on your shoulder when you wear a special t-shirt. Just run the app and aim your camera at the design on the shirt, and poof! Peck Peck appears and begins chirping and looking at you. You can even flick Peck Peck away, and she'll fly back to your shoulder!


Gene Pool

A classic artificial life simulation that has attracted casual gamers and scholars since the 90's. The genetic basis of swimbots inspired the wiglets of Wiggle Planet.


Peanut Boy and the Hole of Danger

Peanut Boy is afraid of the Hole of Danger. Your task is to get him in the hole. Something different happens every time. Nervous laughter may ensue.


Flip Flop Dance Jam

Join these dancers as they bop, flop, and tumble to the grooves. Choose between four Jumby-Jumpin' original tunes. Strangely original and funny.


Peck Peck’s Garden

Ingredients: Bird, Seeds, Flowers, and Poop. This is a mini-ecology game that kids love (duh, it has poop). Peck Peck is birdishily life-like, and she looks at you.